The KeyOS Smooth DRM Service | Introduction

The KeyOS Smooth DRM Service is the application of Microsoft's PlayReady platform - deployed for Smooth Streaming content delivered via Microsoft's IIS7 web platform. The KeyOS Smooth DRM Service provides KeyOS Customers the ability to deploy HTTP delivered HD content in a variety of bit-rates to the PC and Intel-based Mac computing platforms.


  • ISO MPEG Common Encryption
  • Microsoft PlayReady Encryption for HLS
  • Microsoft PlayReady Encryption for MPEG-DASH
  • Microsoft PlayReady Encryption for PIFF (MSS)

Input Formats

  • MP4 ( ISO Base Media File )
  • ISMV
  • Fragmented MP4

Output Formats

  • MPEG-DASH Segments : Single file per segment
  • HLS
  • ISMV
    • Single file for all bitrates
    • Single file for one bitrate
  • Smooth Streaming Segments file : Single file per segment
  • Fragmented MP4
    • Single file for all bitrates
    • Single file for one bitrate

For PCs and Intel-Macs, Streams, Downloads, Online and Offline.

Smooth DRM is compatible with modern Windows PCs and Intel-based Macs via most major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape and Opera. Smooth DRM also supports Android and iOS Tablets and Phones, Android STBs, Smart TV’s, Google TV and Roku TV.

The KeyOS SmoothDRM Service Features

  • Powered by Microsoft's PlayReady Content Access Protection Technology
  • Supports Live and On-Demand Encryption of Fragmented MPG4 Content AAC and H.264
  • Compatible with Silverlight 2.0+ on both the PC and Intel-based Mac and PlayReady Clients
  • Supports All Major Browsers Including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome
  • Ready-To-Deploy Silverlight Players Available with All Popular Features
  • NEW: PIFF Support for DECE/Ultraviolet Storefronts

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