Smooth DRM for WindowsMedia

The KeyOS Smooth DRM Service is the application of Microsoft's PlayReady platform - deployed for Windows Media content, delivered via Streaming, Downloads and Portable Media. The KeyOS Smooth DRM Service provides customers the ability to deploy high quality Windows Media content in a variety of bit-rates, to the PC and Intel-based Mac computing platforms.

Supports PCs and Intel-Macs, Streams, Downloads, Online and Offline Access

Smooth DRM for WindowsMedia supports streaming and download business models for the PC and Intel-based Mac, via all major browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Netscape and Opera. Smooth DRM for WindowsMedia supports persistent licensing for downloads and physical media based business models where offline playback is a requirement.

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The KeyOS SmoothDRM for WindowsMedia Service | Features

  • Multiplatform Multiformat DRM
  • Cross-Platform Support for PC and Mac operating systems
  • Compatible with most web browsers
  • Support for encryption of on-demand and live content
  • End-to-End Content Protection
  • Completely Transparent to end-users
  • Integrated support for WMRM10X-encrypted media
  • Pay Per View, Subscription and Token Business Models