The KeyOS WindowsMedia DRM Service | Introduction

WindowsMedia Rights Manager Service is the application of Microsoft's WindowsMedia Rights Management technology, deployed for WindowsMedia content, delivered via streams, downloads and physical media. The KeyOS WindowsMedia Rights Manager Service is compatible with PCs, WindowsMedia compatible Set-Top Boxes and handsets. The service allows KeyOS Customers the ability to deploy high-quality WindowsMedia content using the WindowsMedia Player.

Supported Distribution Methods

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Telecom Argentina

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Class On Demand

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The KeyOS WindowsMedia DRM Service Features 6 Business Models

  • VOD/PPV: Control days, plays, number of devices, burns.
  • Token: Increase per user revenue and returns.
  • Subscription: Time dependent media access options.
  • Marketing: Drive traffic, installs and collect data.
  • P2P: Compatible with P2P network delivery.
  • Silent: Open access to files- while maintaining file control.