The KeyOS Device DRM Service | Introduction

Microsoft's PlayReady Content Access Protection Platform is the DRM Gold Standard powering today’s most popular VOD and OTT offerings. CE Manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG and Philips all support it.

Whether it's NetFlix™ or HBO GO® or XBOX™ Marketplace, PlayReady provides the critical file-level security necessary to license content from major studios and networks while preserving the consumer experience.

Never before has one DRM technology so easily and effectively supported every major consumer playback platform including PCs, Macs, iOS devices, Android devices, connected Televisions and Blu-ray players.

Multi-Screen DRM Security

The KeyOS Device DRM Service supports both Microsoft PlayReady and Windows Media Rights Manager technologies. Both Microsoft Smooth Streaming (ISMV) and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) are supported as content delivery methods.

Application Integration

The KeyOS Device DRM Service exposes an API for iOS application integration. On Android, an additional JAVA API is provided for application integration. You receive downloadable OS-specific binaries you must compile with your device application(s) before you distribute them to your customers.

Media Player Support

The KeyOS Device DRM Service is pre-integrated with the iOS native media player. For Android, the service includes an integrated hardened media player as well as all the necessary integration documentation and support. Most popular playback functions are supported and we add new functions and features regularly.

Security and Robustness

The downloadable DRM technology provided with the KeyOS Device DRM Service complies with Microsoft PlayReady and Windows Media Rights Manager robustness and compliance rules. The DRM payload is protected with code obfuscation and validation as well as other anti-tampering mechanisms.

KeyOS Device DRM Features

  • CENC and PlayReady Encryption
  • MP3 and MP4 local and streaming
  • MSFT Smooth Streaming local (offline) and streaming
  • HLS v4.0 Streaming
  • MPEG-DASH Time-based, Index-based, ISOFF Live and ISOFF On-Demand Profiles
  • H.264, AAC-HE v1 and v2, AAC-LC
  • Dolby Digital+
  • Integrity and Anti-debugger Checks
  • Code Obfuscation
  • Variable speed playback
  • Buffering control
  • PlayReady License Chaining
  • eMBMS / FLUTE support
  • Multiple Audio Tracks for Smooth Streaming and HLS v4
  • Subtitles / Closed captions / External (DFXP), Internal / Embedded (DFXP)
  • Android 2.2+
  • iOS 4.0+

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