The Scenario

Telecom Argentina was building out a CDN offering for South America and required a robust and flexible DRM Solution. This solution had to be integrated with their customer billing platform and had to support encrypted smooth streaming and downloads to the Intel-based Mac and PC market.

The Challenge

To effectively support their new CDN offering, Telecom Argentina needed a flexible, seamless and robust DRM platform which would empower their customers and drive the usage and revenue Telecom Argentina's other media services.

The Solution

The KeyOS Reseller Solution allowed Telecom Argentina to greatly enhance their CDNoffering by seamlessly integrating KeyOS's encryption technology into their IRIS Media Services Platform . They can nowoffer a quick-to-deploy, easy to use, scalable DRM service to their customers, without the time, expense and risk of developing a custom solution.

Technologies Used

  • KeyOS .NET Packaging Assembly
  • KeyOS License Delivery API
  • KeyOS Silverlight Player
  • KeyOS Customer Integration