The Scenario

BigFLIX, India's largest Video On-Demand website, which serves over 3 million unique users per month, required an advanced DRM solution which would allow them to deliver encrypted premium content to the widest user base possible, regardless of the user's choice of browser or operating system.

The Challenge

Due to the disparate bandwidth conditions in India , BigFLIX required a DRM solution for the PC and Intel-based Mac markets that would allow them to support encrypted media downloads with offline play-back as well as an encrypted smooth streaming solution which would deliver the best possible streaming experience to the end-user.

The Solution

The KeyOS Rights Management Platform's Smooth DRM for Smooth Streaming technology supports these requirements offering unparalleled service, support and the flexibility necessary to maximize BigFLIX's media deployment needs.

Technologies Used

  • KeyOS .NET Packaging Assembly
  • KeyOS License Delivery API
  • KeyOS Silverlight Player
  • KeyOS Customer Integration