The KeyOS Multi-DRM Platform includes a variety of robust, multi-threaded, enterprise-class encryption (packaging) technologies, which enable KeyOS customers to effortlessly and easily encrypt their digital media content. The suite includes a desktop GUI app, a command line server utility, a browser-based offering, a .NET assembly for CMS/DAM systems and an encryption service for Windows Server. For 3rd party encryption solutions like Digital Rapids' StreamZ platform, Inlet Technologies' Spinnaker and Armada platforms and Microsoft's Expression Encoder, KeyOS provides a built-in encryption component enabling our customers to encode and encrypt in a one-pass workflow. KeyOS provides support for the ASF, WMA, WMV, ISMV, ISMA, PYV and PYA file formats with Windows Media Rights Manager or PlayReady Content Access Protection encryption formats. KeyOS supports encryption for live and on-demand scenarios, streaming and downloads with online and offline playback.




The KeyOS License Delivery API is a mature, widely-deployed interface that supports flexible end-user authentication scenarios. The KeyOS licensing service is powered by a cloud-based virtualized platform running on top of a load-balanced, high availability computing base using a clustered database. The platform is built to enable scale-on-demand with multiple process redundancies. Using the API, customers are able to tap into a wide variety of granular rights objects and control interfaces that KeyOS provides for managing their digital media content. The KeyOS Licensing API is compatible with Windows and LAMP hosting environments and can be supported via ASP, PHP and JSP technologies. BuyDRM provides additional system controls and key security features to ensure our customers are in complete control of their media 24/7/365 on a global basis. Automated reports are provided via the web or email and can be custom configured based on customer needs.




While the majority of our customers do not require custom development, BuyDRM does provide robust and economical custom development for those customers with advanced deployment needs including complex CMS/DAM encryption integration, Silverlight Media Player development, Website Design & Development and assistance with building out an eCommerce strategy.




Founded in 2001, BuyDRM is a leading provider of Digital Rights Management and Content Security Services for the entertainment, enterprise and education industries. As the oldest company in the world offering DRM Services for IP-based media, BuyDRM has amassed substantial success stories in the commercial deployment of DRM related technologies with customers around the world.

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