The KeyOS MultiPlay SDKs

Player Agents for iOS and Android Applications


The KeyOS™ MultiPlay™ SDKs supports both Microsoft PlayReady and Windows Media Rights Manager technologies. Both Microsoft Smooth Streaming (ISMV) and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) are supported as content delivery methods.


The KeyOS MultiPlay SDKs are pre-integrated with the iOS native media player. For Android, the service includes an integrated hardened media player as well as all the necessary integration documentation and support. Most popular playback functions are supported and we add new functions and features regularly.


Our Service exposes an API for iOS application integration. On Android, an additional JAVA API is provided for application integration. You receive downloadable OS-specific binaries to compile with your device application(s) before you distribute them to your customers.


The downloadable DRM technology provided with the KeyOS MultiPlay SDKs complies with Microsoft PlayReady and Windows Media Rights Manager robustness and compliance rules. The DRM payload is protected with code obfuscation and validation as well as other anti-tampering mechanisms.

KeyOS MultiPlay SDKs Features

A list of MultiPlay SDKs basic features







  • CENC and PlayReady Encryption


  • Android 3.0+
  • iOS 8.0+


  • Android: Intel x86, ARM v6, v7
  • iOS: ARM v7, ARM64


  • ASF
  • MP4
  • FMP4
  • MPEG2/TS
  • HLSv1, v2, v3, v4
  • HLS Live
  • Smooth Streaming VOD
  • DASH


  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • Smooth Streaming VoD/Live
  • Progressive Download
  • MPEG-DASH Time-based, Index-based, Live, On-Demand and DVB Profiles







  • MP4 with PlayReady Envelope
  • Smooth Streaming assets with PlayReady
  • MPEG-DASH assets with PlayReady
  • MPEG-DASH assets with Widevine
  • HLS assets with FairPlay (iOS 8+ for streaming; iOS 9+ for downloads)
  • HLS assets with PlayReady (Discretix spec)
  • HLS assets with PlayReady Envelope (Envivio spec)
  • Apple FailrPlay
  • Google Widevine Modular
  • Verimatrix DRM
  • Marlin DRM







  • WMV
  • H264 (base, main, high profile)
  • H265/HEVC (version 10.x)


  • WMA
  • WAV
  • HE-AAC v1, v2
  • Dolby ac3, ac3+










  • In stream TTML/DFXP/SMPTE-TT for MPEG-DASH assets
  • In stream WebVTT for HLS assets
  • In stream TTML/DFXP/SMPTE-TT for Smooth Streaming assets
  • In stream ASS for MP4 files
  • External WebVTT, TTML/DFXP, SRT


  • iOS 8+ downloads for Widevine Modular







  • Multiple Audio tracks
  • Multiple Subtitles tracks
  • License acquisition prior download starts
  • Deferred license acquisition after download finishes
  • AirPlay Mirroring/Export support for HLS w/ any DRM on iOS
  • License acquisition process may be overridden to support custom scenarios
  • VR 360 video playback with 3D object insertions, lens calibration options, stream compression
  • HW acceleration
    • iOS (8.0+): h264/AAC
    • Android (4.4+): h264/AAC


  • Generic secure storage API for any sensitive data such as any certificate, licenses, keys, user data, secure storage with dynamic cascaded keys and with auto recovery on crash
  • Advanced debugger detection
  • Root/Jailbreak detection
  • grity of all the binary libraries is checked at all times in memory. The SDK will check for a change in this integrity. When integrity changes, the SDK will destroy all its sensitive data and stop working
  • Integrity of the application is checked
  • Advanced low level debugging detection
  • Trap and obfuscation on program execution stack
  • TV output detection
  • Root/Jailbreak detection
  • Code obfuscation
  • Obfuscation of root keys in the application
  • Obfuscation in memory of all keys
  • Remote DRM individualization with anti-replay and dual encryption transactions
  • Whitebox encryption
  • Secure storage with cascaded keys and auto recovery
  • The SDK also includes features that can be activated or not depending on the expected level of security:
    • Remote statistical checks of the operating system fingerprints
    • Remote checks of security markers (such as integrity violation, re-installations, debugging detection)
    • Report changes of the operating system
    • Remote deactivation of any client SDK depending on any criteria such as the platform, or any specific device
  • Instant cancellation of any play session using a session heartbeat/invalidation mechanism

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